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Across Logistics continues streaving their customer expectations by sending A-330 from MAD to HGH. We did all the process from readapting the A330 in MAD to make possible the flight and load all cargo in less than 48 hours from departure to Arrival. Super team in HGH office made all ground operations less than 4 hours and loaded all in a record time. Tandem of Mr. Ramon Macho and Mr. Zoding will be our eternal flame in the air! Our focus continues to be to help in this pandemic situation all we can and try to make everyone be a little bit safer.

Once again, Covid won’t stop us!!

Across the world and over to you.

Since the coronavirus crisis broke out we are witnessing an unprecedented global situation. The public health emergency has highlighted the need to import medical supplies within a very specific context that is characterized by the following elements:
· Suddenly a number of operators of a very different nature have come into play within a sector that has traditionally belonged to private law entities.
· New operators have no experience in importing supplies which may require complex procedures.
· The criteria and applicable legislation have been developing as the public health crisis unfolded. Traditional regulations did not address reality nor all the scenarios.
· Such imports are fundamentally characterized by their exceptionality and urgency.
As a result, we are faced with challenging imports which Across Logistics has seen as an opportunity to provide a professional and quality service and, above all, providing correct advice to fulfil the social function of such imports, i.e. supplying the necessary equipment to deal with the virus.

Across Logistics offers a comprehensive logistics solution. In order to guarantee an urgent door to door service it coordinates the export from its offices in China and the import from its offices in Spain.

We are facing a situation in which importers may face a double issue. On the one hand they will have to fight the virus and on the other hand they may bear a greater costs and additional formalities because of import duties, VAT and special procedures applicable to medical supplies.
This is why Across Logistics offers specialized consultancy to all importers in order to examine each import and to reach the following goals:

1.- To choose a supplier which meets all the Chinese export requirements.

2.- To differentiate medical supplies which are considered Personal Protective Equipment from surgical or medical material in order to comply with specific formalities in Spain.

We remain available to all importers to deal with this challenge together.

Many of us know the Netherlands for its liberal mindset and the leisure offer of its capital, Amsterdam. The country is also famous for tulips, for great artists like Van Gogh or for football legends like Johan Cruyff. However, not everyone knows that they are the pioneering European country in the logistics sector. This fact makes Across Logistics Rotterdam one of the best logistics partners, offering a comprehensive service to its customers, always looking to adapt the solutions to the needs of its customers. Noteworthy aspects that make the delegation a strategic partner due to factors such as location, available infrastructures and the country´s technological avant-garde.

1. Its unbeatable location. Within 500 kilometers from the country, more than 160 million consumers . If we expand to 1000 kilometers, the amounts rises to 244 million. This is a remarkable fact when we consider that the total population of the European Union is just over 500 million.

2. Infrastructure. The Port of Rotterdam is by far the largest European port, as well as the tenth in the world, in terms of the volume of cargo handled. Schiphol Airport is ranked fourth in Europe only behind Frankfurt, Paris and London. Together, they are the most competitive logistics hub on the Continent.
In addition, according to studies carried out by the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands has worldwide: the best maritime infrastructure, the fourth best air infrastructure, the second best road network and the seventh best rail network.

3. The Netherlands is committed to economic and technological development, without disregarding ecological awareness, which places the technology used in the sector at the forefront of computing with telematic methods. This results in : a fast, efficient and sustainable logistics process especially interesting for “time sensitive” sectors as well as those that have the need to give traceability to the supply chain.

The bond of the above factors with the proven experience of our team makes Across Logistics Netherlands a solid partner in the different phases of the logistics process adapting our solutions to customer needs. With warehouses in the main strategic points of the country, our team assist with customs clearing, pick and pack, storing and distributing goods exploring the different available options depending on the desired transit time.

Across Logistics Netherlands works with the aim of providing comprehensive logistics solutions, with its human team as the main credential. Professionalism, dedication, follow-up and customer focus makes this delegation the perfect partner for your logistical needs.

The Netherlands HQ
Hofplein 20, 5th Floor
3032 AC Rotterdam
Rotterdam. The Netherlands
T +31 10 3100896

Gonzalo Giner:
The Netherlands Branch Manager

Enrique Gutiérrez:
North Europe Overseas Manager

Since we are all confined and working from home, many of us have taken this opportunity to learn new hobbies or to practice more of our favorite hobbies. For this reason, from Across Logistics, we encourage you to cook new recipes!! A healthy diet, varied and rich in vitamins is always essential, but in times as exceptional as the one we are living rightnow that health is so important, we must prioritize homemade and nutritious food more than ever!! To all this, we have to add that the good weather is coming and you might prefer fresher food …… there is no doubt that it is the perfect time to prepare a good gazpacho!!
But, of course, surely you will not expect Across Logistics to give you the recipe of the typical gazpacho ….. if we are able to surprise on the professional level, we also do it on the culinary level!!! Today we are going to present you the recipe for TOMATO AND WATERMELON GAZPACHO!!

– 1 kg ripe pear tomato
– 800 gr of watermelon
– virgin olive oil
– salt and pepper
– Philadelphia cream cheese
– clean basil leaves and cut into thin strips

With a knife, mark a cross at the base of the tomatoes and put them in boiling water. When the boil starts again, wait 1 – 1.5 minutes and take them out of the hot water. Put them in cold water. Meanwhile, cut the watermelon into cubes, removing the seeds. Carefully, peel the tomatoes and dice them. Put the watermelon and the tomato in a container suitable for using a minipimer or in the glass of the Thermomix or whatever is most comfortable for you to beat. Add a generous stream of virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and beat it. Taste it and add more salt if it needs it. Pour it into a container using a fine strainer to avoid the pieces of seeds and tomato skin. Leave it in the fridge and wait until it cools down! Once it is very cold, just before serving, prepare the presentation of the dish: In a deep plate, place a big tablespoon of Philadelphia cheese in the middle as if it were an island. Pour the gazpacho around the cheese. Finally decorate it with basil and … et voilà !!! it’s done!! Richer and easier to prepare impossible!!!!
Enjoy it!!!

While Across Logistics China has been able to return to the offices for a month now thanks to all the security measures we have implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, now it is time to prepare to return to the Across Europe offices. We are working hard to provide maximum safety to our workers, developing a plan of measures to be able to effectively return to our offices in a staggered and safe manner. Until the time comes when we can finally return to the new normal, we keep on working from home to continue offering our customers 100% of our services!!

Thanks to our IT infrastructure, all our offices worldwide are connected full time and our teams are prepared to be able to work remotely from anywhere.

The Covid will not stop us!!

#Stayhome #Workfromhome

We take on difficult challenges. Solutions for non-conventional cargo. Across Logistics loaded successfully 900 Tons of 24 meter rails from Gijon Port to Matarani Port, Peru.
Our team was present during the loading operations in spite of the existent restrictions during COVID 19, ensuring the correct working of operations.

On 11 August 2020 Across Logistics, S.L.U. will celebrate its 1st anniversary since the AEOF authorization came into effect. This is a strategic project that aims to improve control and security of the international supply chain, complying with the European customs legislation, which consolidates the figure of the AEO. Also, we have set the foundations to be prepared, when European centralized customs clearance comes into force.

Hence, these are important reasons for choosing Across Logistics, S.L. as your trusted business partner. Our status as AEOF implies that we are a reliable customs agent, securing the international supply chain. Our OEA status also implies access to simplified customs procedures as well as faser and better treatment in physical and documentary controls.

ACROSS LOGISTICS coordinated the logistics and transport of sanitary equipment from China to Lima´s airport, Peru!

Thanks to the strategic location of our offices in China and The Netherlands, Across Logistics is able to provide an integral and specific service like the one handled last week with destination: Peru. We have sent medical equipment (Face Masks and Covid-19 test kits) from Chinese airport PVG to AMS under direct service, where we proceeded to change the documentation and relabelling, always keeping the cold chain of Covid-19 tests, and reaching the next connexion from AMS to LIM with direct service to our Peruvian friends.

A logistics process thanks to the internal communication and infrastructure needed for providing a service with these characteristics. As necessary as gratifying, for being able to contribute our grain of sand for fighting Covid-19!

Stay strong Peru! We are with you!

Animo Perú! Estamos contigo!