The best global service. Our extensive ability and experience, together with our versatile system, allows us to adapt to your company’s every need:

Warehousing and temporary storage
For storing your merchandise as if it were your own warehouse or for keeping it while it is in transit or temporarily. We have the necessary capacity and infrastructures to store goods of any kind.

Bonded warehouse & Fiscal representation
We offer a number of types of depot. Contact our Warehousing Department, who will be delighted to describe them to you, and to answer any queries and attend to your requirements.

Picking & Packing
We will process your merchandise, whatever condition it arrives in and in accordance with your requirements, with every guarantee.
We handle, assemble, segment, package, label and customise your shipments for final distribution.

Assembly line service
From an electronic item that comes dismantled to specific machinery, you deliver the pieces to us and we deliver the finished product to you.

Distribution to commercial premises
At Across Logistics there are no limits to distance, only those that time sets for us.

24/7 surveillance
Our warehouse are secured by a system of remote control security cameras and a qualified team of security officers to guarantee the security of your merchandise.