In a competitive global market, where international transactions have become increasingly complex, Across Logistics started with the vocation of reaching the highest standards of customer satisfaction and exceeding customers’ expectations.
Across Logistics’ involvement with customers is absolute. We feel that we are part of your company.

Our team has wide-ranging experience in the sector, and will always offer you the solution that best meets your needs, of whatever kind, drawing up a customised plan to make optimal use of the resources and costs. We don´t bother with problems, we focus on solutions.

Across Logistics advises, organises and co-ordinates transport operations according to the rules of international trade, with the goal of ensuring cargo reaches its final destination within the shortest possible time and in perfect conditions.

With Across Logistics your company will reduce costs and eliminate geographical constraints by making the most of the opportunities offered by the international markets. At Across Logistics there are no limits in terms of distance, only those that time sets for us.